The Purpose of Life

What is the Purpose of Life?

We can choose a purpose for our lives. The purpose chosen by the Povism worldview consists of:

  • Self awareness: being aware of who and what I am.
  • Being connected:
    • Conscious presence in this moment.
    • Awareness of what is going on in all parts of me at every moment.
    • Heart-connection and collaboration with other people for the establishment of a peaceful and prosperous society.
    • The experience of connectedness to all of life, reality, and existence.
  • Happiness: Joy, love, security, peacefulness, pleasure, well-being, vitality, thriving, harmony, freedom.

These are not static end-states that are to be reached, since the purpose of life itself is walking on a life-long path of exploration and self-development:

  • Playful exploration of ourselves and others and of the universe.
  • Getting to identify with our Essence. A continuous development process throughout our lives, on the personal, social, and spiritual levels. A deep and meaningful process, a path of positive change and improvement that helps us gradually fulfill more of our potential, so that we can endow the world with our unique gifts.

How can we achieve the Purpose of Life?

  • Learning relevant knowledge: continuously studying what the Purpose of Life is and all the knowledge and practices necessary to achieve it. In particular, the principles and values that guide us on our path.
  • Practicing: actually integrating correct action into daily life.
  • Community: To help learn and integrate the practices – it’s very hard to do by oneself. Most parts of the purpose can be achieved only through interactions in a community.


How do you feel about the presentation of the purpose of life above? Do you relate to it? Do you see things differently? What is your purpose in your own life?