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How to Change Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “I am not attractive enough”, “I will not succeed”, “It is very difficult to succeed in achieving it” are a product of The Virus. They sabotage our ability to achieve what we want and to satisfy our needs. E.g. if someone believes that he will not succeed, this will reduce his motivation to act, and this becomes a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.

This way of thinking is the exact opposite from how our True Essence thinks.


A man who thinks “I am not tall enough, so women don’t find me attractive, because women want tall men”. The first question this man needs to ask himself: Does this belief originate in my True Essence, or is it a product of The Virus? Of course, the latter is the case. This belief makes him feel emotional pain: sad, helpless, depressed. He cannot change his height, and if his height deterministically dictates that women won’t find him attractive, his only option is to give up and be depressed. Using the T.H.I.N.K. filters clearly shows that this belief is debilitating.

Once he realizes this, he can reconnect to his Essence, and ask how his Essence thinks about the objective fact of his height, and how it influences or doesn’t influence his ability to find the romantic connection that he seeks. He can use various techniques for that. Then empowering thoughts start arising, such as:

  • Refute with evidence:
    • There are actually quite a few examples where men that had some so-called “limitation” (what is perceived by many to be a limitation) found spouses, or even were very popular with women. Some of them were not tall, or were bold, fat. Some were even severely crippled – see the examples of Nick Vujicic and W Mitchell in the Inspiring Stories page.
    • There are numerous examples where a woman was not merely uninterested in some man, but found him actually ugly, and later her perception of him completely changed due to his charisma and persistence in pursuing her. In some of these cases, the woman went on to marry the man, or said that with him she had the most amazing experience in bed she had ever had with anyone.
  • Understand reality better:
    • Many women are more influenced from the man’s personality and emotional connection than from his physical appearance (as long as he keeps his body clean and well groomed).
    • I can take specific cases where an interaction with a woman I was interested in did not end up as I would have like to, and analyze these cases to understand exactly what went on there, so that I can learn from this experience and improve myself. Examine whether the issue was my height or something else which I can change.
  • Reconnect to self love: When I was a baby, I had complete self love. I felt that I am wonderful, I fully loved myself, I felt that everyone can love me. So this proves that my current feelings that I cannot be loved by women did not originate in me, they are a result of negative external influences, i.e. The Virus. I can heal myself from this virus and reconnect to my self love and to feeling and believing that I am very worthy of love and that I will find it.
  • Practical thinking: There are many practical things I can do to make myself more attractive to more women: learn skills of emotional intelligence and authentic communication, strengthen my sense of humor, improve my dancing skills, add more interesting activities and knowledge to my life, select more attractive clothing, work out to become more physically fit, go to psychotherapy or coaching that to help my learn more on how to better address my challenge, etc. (Just be careful not to let the negative thought creep in which says: “Only after I do these things, then I will succeed with women”, because that’s a debilitating thought and not an empowering one)
  • Spiritual view: According to the background story of the soul, before I was born, I chose my life circumstances including my height, so that facing this challenge will help me develop. I also came to this Earth with a group of other souls that are very compatible with me to become my romantic partners. I.e. there are a few women out there that would love me just the way I am. And I can find them by connecting to my Essence, radiating from it, and doing the activities that stem from my Essence. I’ll find those women there.

These new thoughts are not the result of some technical “trick” of saying the negation of the limiting beliefs (e.g. repeating 10 times “I will succeed with women”), because that won’t work. We need to find true statements that are convincing and that we can have a positive emotional reaction to them. That’s the only thing that can overcome the automatic negative emotional reaction we have to the strongly-held limiting beliefs.