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Inner Power: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about connecting to our inner power or you think that some issues are unclear, please let us know.

Does it mean not feeling any emotional pain?

No. When we are connected to our inner power, to our Essence, and act from it, this does not mean we do not feel any painful emotions, and it does not mean that worries do not occur in our minds. Our body may still feel contracted by fear, tears may still appear in our eyes because of sadness, adrenaline levels may rise because of anger, and The Virus may still generate disturbing thoughts and imaginations.

But being connected to our inner power means that when this occurs, we still remember not to identify with these mental objects and physical sensations, as they are only part of our psyche and not Who We Really Are. It means we address these things from our Essence, using wisdom, patience, compassion, courage, and the other positive values. We can address the current situation in the best possible manner, and we can gradually soothe our painful emotions rather than getting lost in them.

Do you mean suppressing emotional pain?

Definitely not. Suppressing emotions such as fear, sadness, or anger means pretending we do not feel them, or trying forcefully to make ourselves feel something else, or being angry at ourselves for feeling them, or not allowing ourselves to express them (e.g. crying). This approach is either impossible (because we feel these emotions no matter how much we try to suppress them), or counterproductive, leading to emotional harm (becoming blocked, stiff, or transmuting the suppressed emotions to destructive behaviors such as addictions or violence).

The approach presented hear never tries to suppress the emotions. We accept them for what they are, we feel them. Our goal is to handle them in a helpful and healing manner. This means being able to witness the emotions without getting lost in them and without allowing them to block us from doing what we know is good for us (e.g. we don’t want to allow fear to stop us from acting in a way that is beneficial for us). It means understanding that in most cases, the emotional pain is a result of harmful ways of thinking in our mind (The Virus) which we should change. It means being sensitive to how our inner child feels, and acting to improve the situation if possible, without identifying with the child’s pain (the inner child needs us to help him, not to fall into a pit of emotional pain). To be able to do these things, we can connect to our Essence and then think and operate from it.

How can I change my limiting beliefs?

See here and here.

How is this related to existing methods?

The ideas presented in the section Connecting to our Inner Power – are they part of some known psychological theory or spiritual practice, or are they novel?

The ideas are very similar to knowledge that is present in many disciplines of personal and spiritual development. However, they are presented here in a way that makes most sense for me, and hopefully the presentation here will be useful for you as well.

In particular, there is a quite novel emphasis here on coming to identify with our Essence, rather than merely aspiring to become it, or imagining that you are talking to this part, or seeing it as only one part of yourself. The emphasis here is on the highest level of practical self empowerment through identifying with the inner power which already exists within us, rather than only learning a large set of ideas and techniques.

In my experience, this works much better than trying too soon to counter negative thoughts, or trying to “not identify” with painful emotions, or trying to talk with the inner child, before you first connect to a powerful place within you that allows you to do these things without being overrun again by negative thoughts or painful emotions.