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Development Process

What is the development process?

The development process helps us connect to our Inner Power and develop it, so that we can fulfill the Purpose of Life.

Personal Development is a process consisting of developing the Thriving Self, reconnecting to our True Self, and eradicating The Virus.

Spiritual Development is a process of connecting to, and later completely identifying with, our True Essence.

Spiritual Development is a pre-requisite for doing the more challenging parts of Personal Development, and actually, the two processes are intertwined. They consists of four aspects: learning, desire, practice, and becoming.


We first need to learn and understand the ideas theoretically. Our various parts, including the difference between our Essence and our Self, between our True Self and our False Self, and between our Thriving Self and our Surviving Self. And also about The Virus, and how not to let our consciousness be affected by it. Instead, we want to always direct our consciousness towards The Triad: our Essence, our Thriving Self, and our True Self.

Very strong desire

When our learning brings us to the realization that developing our connection to our Triad is very beneficial for us, and greatly enhances our happiness, well being, and success in all areas of our lives, we develop a desire to incorporate it more and more into our daily life, and we put an intention to do it.

However, the development process is sometimes difficult to do, because The Virus keeps generating negative thoughts and painful emotions, and they appear loudly in our consciousness, uninvited. Our attention is immediately drawn to them, and then we lose contact with our Essence. The practice we need to do when this happens is to remind ourselves who we really are, and time and again re-direct our attention to our Essence, no matter what The Virus tells us, and no matter what painful emotions it generates. Easier said than done, but we’ll explain several practical ways by which this can be accomplished.

Our painful emotions are very powerful. When they arise, they want immediate comfort, they want us to do something to resolve the pain. Many times, we try to do it in an unhealthy way, such as distractions, watching TV, alcohol, shopping, and other addictions. This may give us some temporary relief, but it has negative side effects and does not last long.

The only healthy way we can really heal our emotional pain is by connecting to our Essence, because we cannot resolve the pain from the same level of lower consciousness that created it. The Virus makes our mind feel threatened and put up a lot of resistance, even though this causes us more suffering instead of resolving it.

So to succeed, we must adopt an extremely strong desire to make a dramatic internal change, strong enough to overcome our habitual, automatic, self-defeating patterns that stem from identifying with The Virus. Ask yourself: Did you suffer enough? Are you completely dedicated to do whatever is necessary in order to live the rest of your life without any suffering, whatever happens? Do you want to use your brain in the most effective and optimal way for your highest well-being?

Sometimes even though we suffer a great deal, and even when we already understand that identifying with our Essence is our only salvation and only hope to live differently, we still attach to what The Virus says. We sometimes need to go through a lot more emotional suffering until we have so much pain and so much frustration and we are so desperate that we decide we simply cannot put up with this suffering anymore, even one second longer, and that living happily is more important to us than anything else in this world. Then we are finally willing to let go of everything we know, we don’t care anymore about what The Virus says, we just want the suffering to end, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to do it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we join a group of friends who are doing this process together, we can support and encourage each other, learn from each other how to overcome obstacles, remind each other what we learned and how to implement it. So we don’t have to wait for great suffering in order to make progress in the right direction.


Ask yourself: Are you yearning to live the rest of your life, whatever happens, without any suffering? Do you want to use your brain in the most effective and optimal way for your highest well-being? Is this the most important thing for you, more important than anything else in the world? Are you completely dedicated to this goal? If not, why not?


As with mastering any skill, repeated practice is required if we want to get better at staying connected to the Triad. The more we practice it throughout our day, the stronger our ability becomes. It takes time, patience, dedication, persistence, determination, and courage to do so.

At first, we need to use structured techniques that help us connect with the Triad and implement what we learn. As we become more skillful and accustomed to such techniques, our connection with the Triad will become more natural and intuitive.


The more we practice and identify with our Essence, the more we allow it to guide every aspect of our lives, until we identify with it continuously.