Inner Power


I discovered that I have much much more inner power than I thought. And I believe that everyone has more inner power than they realize.

I always aspired to live with confidence, joy, freedom, excitement, connection to myself and to others, expressing myself fully, being effective and successful in achieving what I want.

But for a large part of my life I wasn’t in this state, I suffered from emotional pains, depression, emotional blocks, fears, anxiety, shyness, shame, inhibitions, sadness, anger, and restlessness.

I want to tell you about what I learned which completely revolutionized me and my life for the better. I will explain what I am doing, and I invite you to examine whether it can also help you connect to your own personal power.

Internal focus

At some point I understood that I want to learn and discover how to use my brain, my emotions, my body, in the most optimal way, so that I can make the most progress with achieving my goals. And more importantly – be able to handle whatever happens to me in life, and feel good regardless of what’s happening.

We all have only a partial influence on our life situation. It is impossible to always be able to influence our situation to be exactly as we want it to be. It is good to try to do our best to improve our situation, but if we perceive our happiness to be depends only on our full success in doing so, we will constantly feel miserable.

Helplessness occurs when we believe these two thoughts together:

  • On the one hand, only if my situation changes, then I will be happy (or: then my emotional suffering will stop).
  • On the other hand, my situation can’t change, or there is only a small chance it may improve. Or: there is nothing or hardly anything I can do to improve it.

Possibly also: I cannot affect my emotions, I cannot overcome my destructive habits, they are just too overpowering.

True freedom comes from a sense of agency, of being able to control what happens inside of us, and being able to face and handle whatever happens in the world.

When we focus our attention on affecting what happens inside of us rather than only on what happens outside of us, this gives us a tremendous sense of agency and control. Because no matter what happens in our lives, we can affect ourselves to handle it successfully.

  • Do you have any thought that only if your life situation changes in some way, or only if you achieve a certain thing in your life, then you will be happy? How does this thought make you feel?
  • Do you think that you cannot overcome your painful emotions or destructive habits because they are too strong?
  • Is there something in your life you feel bad about and feel powerless to change? Think of one thing that you could do internally, i.e. in your mind, that would improve how you feel or think about this issue, even if by just a little. (You will see in other pages of this website many ways of doing that, so here the point is to give you just a preliminary taste).

Subjective model of ourselves

How can we use our brains most effectively? The first step is to adopt a subjective model of ourselves which can help us understand and manage ourselves more effectively. Read about it here.

Development process

After we learn about our Essence, our Thriving Self, and our True Self, we start a process of Personal Development and Spiritual Development that helps us connect to our Inner Power and develop it, so that we can fulfill the Purpose of Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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