Communicating with our Inner Guide


Suppose we want help making an important decision, or want to know what would be good for us to do next, or even want to get new and creative ideas. We can formulate a question, and decide on some kind of guide that could answer this question. For example, if we want to decide whether or not to end a relationship, we can decide we want to talk to a relationship guide. We could talk to whatever entity we can think of, including real people we know, famous people, animals, plants, aliens, angels, fairies, spiritual guides, or a god.

Then we close our eyes, relax our body, possibly use soft music in the background to help us get into a meditative mood. Now we imagine we meet this entity and pose our question. The entity will answer us either verbally or using some symbols, gestures, sounds, pictures, etc. We may sometimes be very surprised with the things we experience using this technique. We can even imagine a council comprising several guides of different kinds, each adding their own piece to the message. If the messages we get in this way is inspiring and useful, it originates from our Essence.

Intuitive writing

Another way of getting interesting messages is sitting in front of a piece of paper, putting our hand on it while holding a pen. We don’t decide to write anything, we simply “clear our mind” and wait to get some word. We don’t try to focus on anything. Suddenly, a word pops into our consciousness, and we write it. Then another word, and we write it. The writing is usually done quite slowly, one word at a time with pauses between words.

Psychological cards

There are various types of psychological cards (such as Osho Zen Tarot), where each card has some picture, a word or phrase, and perhaps other symbols. There are different techniques for using these cards. For example, think of a question you want answered, and then when the cards are facing down, pick three cards, one representing what blocks you from getting an answer, one representing what resources could help you, and one representing the solution. Then turn over the cards and try to interpret them, how they relate to your question and to what they represent. This is an exercise in creativity, and it creates new associations and connections between ideas and concepts that our usual thinking process cannot generate.

Inner dialog

When we get skilled doing the techniques above, we can learn to make the process faster. We get to a state where we can pose a question, “clear our mind”, and wait to “hear” a response inside our head, which often arises quite quickly after the question. After we get a response, we can pose a follow-up question, wait for an answer, and repeat this loop as many time as we want to get more and more guidance and useful knowledge. We may have sessions like that that last for minutes or even hours. It is important to emphasize that this process is completely different from the “conversations” that usually go around in our minds, where the mind talks to itself in loops, with many stressful and limiting thoughts.


Think of a question about your life or yourself that you’d like to get an answer to. Start with something simple. Now, depending on the question’s topic, think of the type of guide that could give you the answer to your question, and do the imagination process as described above. Also try the other techniques.