The purpose of the community

The purpose of our community is to help its members:

  • Learn about the purpose of life and how to achieve it.
  • Actually integrate the practices into their daily lives.
  • Support each person on their unique self development path.
  • Fulfill the needs for connection and for belonging to something greater than oneself.

It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to do these things by oneself, and this is what the community is for.

Community meetings provide learning and experiences which allow us to undergo a process of healing and development. This is a very satisfying journey which may lead to radical transformations in all areas of our lives.

Community Values

In addition to the general values of Povism, there are a few values that are particularly relevant for our community. Read more…



Membership in the community is open to anyone who understands the purpose and values of the community, acts according to them, and is interested in participating in the community’s activities.


Everyone in the community is encouraged to take part in organizational and leadership actions. There may not be any strictly defined leadership roles. There are certainly no leaders who claim to know all the answers and demand blind obedience, and there is no indoctrination for “the one true path” that members are obligated to follow.

The community encourages personal initiatives and collaborations. Members who want to organize an event or something else are encouraged to lead the initiative and collect people to act together. We are not passive students who follow a teacher, but free people who collaborate to learn, investigate, and help each other. Each person has unique abilities, and by combining our unique strengths, we can all contribute to co-creating enjoyable and fruitful experiences for all of us.

Continuous updating

The purpose, goals, principles, and values of the community are in a constant process of re-examination, updating and improvement, to which all members are encouraged to contribute.


  • What is important for you in the kind of community that you would like to take part in?
  • What are its goals and values?
  • What kind of activities will be organized?
  • What things will make you feel at home and at ease in community activities?

We’ll be very happy if you send us your answers so that we can know how to shape the community to suits your wishes. Contact us here.