Like everyone, I have a deep need to feel that I belong to something greater than myself. But it has to be something that fits me, my particular tastes, needs and values, something I can feel connected to.

I searched for a long time for something like this, and did not find anything that was exactly like I wanted. So I reached the conclusion that I need to create this thing myself so that it would fit me perfectly, as much as possible.

I made several attempts in recent years to organize gatherings with others, and each time, after several meetings, I felt that it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. From each attempt I learned something about myself and about organizing group meetings, and I drew a few more conclusions.

My aim here is to write an exposition of my worldview based on various pieces of thoughts and texts I wrote and collected throughout the years, something similar to a Wikipedia article about the topic. When it’s ready, I’ll show it to people in order to compare my worldview with theirs – this is an activity I find extremely interesting. When I did it in the past, I discovered that people I considered similar to myself had somewhat different ways of looking at the world. I adopted some of their views, and disagreed with others, but the discussion always helped me better articulate my own views.

When I find people who agree with the vast majority of what’s written here, then naturally I can immediately feel a connection with them, which is stronger, in some deep sense, than connections formed in many “normal” social interactions – we already have a lot of common ground to start from.

I also have a desire to do more than that. Naturally, I believe that the principles and values I adhere to are good not only for me but also for many other people. Some of them may not have had the chance of thoroughly thinking about them, or they may not know how to practically implement them, or may not have heard about some of them. So I want to create an environment that helps people learn about these ideas and implement them, and thus help them live better.

This is a need to feel a connection with others on a deeper level. To feel understood. To feel that together we’re building our “corner” in this world, a place that fits us, where we feel good, and then try to expand it further by including more people in it.

Written by: Iddo Lev.

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