Povism is an exciting, comprehensive worldview and a practical philosophy of life concerned with attaining the highest level of well-being, thriving, and flourishing of humans, based on kindness to oneself and to others. It contains concepts and methods designed to promote the positive development of all aspects of human life – the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Povism is intended to play a defining role in people’s lives and to address issues which may be of ultimate concern to them. It is continuously developing as the product of many minds, and is open to contribution from anyone who sees reality in similar ways.

What is well-being?

A high level of well-being and flourishing includes several dimensions. Read more…


The name “Povism” is derived from the English expression “positive values” as well as the Latin expression “positivum vita” meaning “positive life”. However, this name may change, since a term that precisely captures the extensive entirety of the Povism worldview is hard to find, and a better name may be found in the future.

The vision

In order to improve the world – the individuals and societies in this world, to make progress towards the vision of the ideal world, people need to learn about positive principles and values and how to actually implement them in their daily lives. In this website you can read about these principles and values, and a free online course is being developed, which will help you learn about these topics, and will also explain exactly how you can form your own study group to help you with this process.