“The Ideal World” is a description of the best possible world we can think of, in light of the values of Povism. This state of affairs is not necessarily attainable anytime soon or in the future, but it is a vision that shows us a direction of development, and we can aim to get gradually closer to it by our thinking and actions. This vision may serve as a common ground between all of us.

The vision is guided by the question: What is the best reality we could possibly imagine? Later, we can also ask: How should we act in order to get closer to this vision as much as possible?

Necessities of physical existence

  • All humans have enough water and food, a clean dwelling with running water and waste disposal, and the ability to sleep enough hours every night.
  • Health: There is very advanced medical knowledge and facilities that can cure all diseases and repair all wounds. People eat healthy, nutritious, and tasty food; exercise regularly; and have enough physical and mental rest.

Kind attitude towards each other

No physical or verbal violence between people, no wars. People treat each other with fairness, mutual respect, kindness, compassion, generosity and caring, without oppression, tyranny, force, discrimination, exploitation, or deceit. Disputes are resolved by peaceful means and negotiations.


People get education throughout their lives, at a manner and level that is tailored specifically to suit each individual according to their abilities and interests. Each person thinks independently, in a critical and rational manner based on empirical evidence. Many people endeavor to discover knowledge about the world and about ourselves through scientific research and through art.

Self development

The main goal people have in their lives is to improve themselves, to develop positive character traits such as courage, optimism, patience, humility, creativity, generosity, compassion. They constantly work on doing that in various aspects of life, as well as support each other in this process. The acquisition of wealth is no longer a driving force in life, people are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of material possessions or social status and power, nor with the pursuit of trivial entertainment and pleasure.

Advanced technology

There is positive technology that empowers humans and enhances their abilities by allowing them to do more sophisticated things. Technological devices are composed of organic matter or other materials that are not destructive or polluting our natural environment.


All things are beautiful – buildings, daily artifacts, technological devices, clothes, towns, art, etc.

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