We can build a society which is based on values of fairness, kindness, and generosity, a government that serves citizens with good governance, transparency, and participation, and a positive culture that inspires people to develop the good parts of themselves.


The institutions of government should be fully controlled by the citizens and act in their benefit to provide services that need coordination on a large-scale in a civilized society. Their members should be chosen based on merit, act with fairness and transparency, and should not abuse their power to advance their own personal interests or the interests of a minority group at the expense of most citizens. Possibly, the current system should be changed from a representative democracy to a direct democracy. More…


The culture espoused by Povism is one that empowers people to develop to their full potential rather than discourage them or distract them with shallow forms of entertainment and consumerism. It should promote the values of Povism such as kindness to oneself and to others, courage, responsibility, positivity, curiosity, and generosity. In particular, this should be reflected in art.