Our mission is to empower ourselves and others, support each other to improve ourselves, help people learn and implement the principles and values of Povism, and thus bring about positive changes in society and culture.


We gather together to form a community of people who help each other learn and implement the principles and values of Povism. We do so in group meetings that include lectures, discussions, exercises, sharing, and supporting each person on his or her unique journey.


Any organization that we shall establish to support and promote Povism must adhere to the principles and values of Povism. In particular, the organization will be controlled by the members to act in their benefit, and will not impose its views on anyone.

Continuous development

Povism is continuously developing, and its principles and values are in a never ending process of improvement, to make them more accurate and detailed. There is no immutable dogmatic “sacred” text set in stone – everything is always open to questioning and re-examination.