What is personal development? How can we discover and develop our values, vision, and goals? How can we be more effective and successful in achieving our goals? What are the noble character traits that we should strive to develop?

There is a close connection between this section and the section about the Self. Whereas the latter focuses more on the emotional relation to ourselves and understanding our psyche, the section here focuses more on concepts and methods for self-actualization through actions in the world.


TBD [Defining our values]


TBD [Setting a life vision] More…


TBD [Setting goals]


TBD [Plans to achieve our goals]

Science of success

TBD [E.g. learning principles of how to act in order to accomplish our goals more easily]


TBD [Being effective executing our plans, e.g. make the most out of time]


We should nurture character traits that help us overcome obstacles and thrive, such as: courage, optimism, perseverance, diligence, patience, resourcefulness, planning ahead, stoicism, and a positive attitude.


TBD [Temperance, Moderation, Golden mean, Balance, Work-life balance]


TBD More…

Self development

We should endeavor to learn how to improve ourselves and our lives, and make an effort to implement it throughout our lives. Adopt a growth mindset and challenge ourselves to reach out of our comfort zone, for this is where real growth happens. Open our minds and expand our horizons, to explore the uncharted possibilities of existence.